Workshop ‘Liberate your voice!’ Thursday evening, May 23, 2024

 70,00 incl. BTW

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With a maximum of 8 participants you are invited to find your own voice.
How does it feel to hear your true voice and to make it heard?
A workshop in which you have the opportunity to stand still to be able express what truly matters to you.

Very often we already adapt our behaviour, the way we speak, what we express to what we feel is expected of us.
In singing we try to reach the highest note, a beautiful melody.
In voice liberation we relieve ourselves from these expectations and let our unique voice flow naturally.

A workshop to get to know yourself better and to open up to whatever the moment tells us.
Together with he other participants we create a safe space in which vulnerability and playfullness are celebrated.

Voice liberation creates:
– fun
– a sense of true connection
– energy
– body awareness
– being able to live in the moment

Practical details:
This 2 1/2 hour workshop will be held at Het Koorenhuis (Prinsegracht 27) in The Hague.
We start at 19h00 and finish at approximately 21h30.
4-8 participants can join this workshop.
The workshop fee is 70 euros per person.
Tea is included.